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1. a cover for its release as part of a digipak (CD/DVD package);
2. a magazine advertisement for the digipak (CD/DVD package).

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Director of Photography/Cast Member - Joel Colborne (JC)

Wednesday, 2 March 2011

Advertisements - Types of advertisements

Flip through most consumer magazines and you'll find several different types of advertising on its pages. You'll also notice that not all of these ads are the same. Most modern magazines contain everything from classified to display ads to advertorials. Each ad type is important, as magazines typically make the majority of their profits from advertising, not from subscriptions.

General Magazine Advertising 
Display Ads
When you think of magazine advertising, you probably think first of display advertising. These are the glossy, four-color ads that dot most consumer magazines. Display advertisements can shill everything from new cars and smart phones to upcoming movies, newly published books and the pilots for next fall's TV shows.

Usually located in the back pages of magazines, classified are small, usually black-and-white, ads that most often contain text but little or no other artwork. Classifieds often list homes for sale, financial services, help-wanted jobs and other services. In fact, classifieds are often an eclectic mix that might even include personal ads and dating service promotions. These ads may look small, but magazines often rely on them--thanks to the volume of classifieds they receive--as a solid revenue stream.

Advertorials are often difficult to spot. That's because they usually look similar to a story or feature in the magazine. There's a difference, though; advertorials are written by the marketing department of a company to promote a specific product or service. The advertorial may include what looks like a standard headline--an advertorial promoting a newly released collector's coin might have a headline such as "Rare Coin Released to the Public"--and even feature quotes from people thrilled with a certain product or service.

Half page

Simply a advertisement which takes up half a page. 

Full page

simply a advert that takes up a full page spread 

Double page 

takes up a two page spread.

Relevant Advertisements  

Relevant adverts in a music magazine could be for single/album releases, upcoming concerts or even actual equipment such as guitars or drums etc. Basically they are adverts for products that link to the subject matter of the magazine.

Non-relevant advertisements 

These are advertisements for everything else. Many of these will be big brands or companies that will have their adverts appearing in a wide range of magazines. However sometimes advertisements can be placed in magazines that have the same target audience as the product for instance a company advertising a record player may advertise in music magazines such as Q.

Advertisements in music magazines (22nd January NME)

Full page: Usually in music magazines a full page advert will be for non musical products, for instance in the edition of NME, they are adverts for DVD's and Watches. The big glossy inside and last pages of the magazine is a full page advert. In the NME magazines the last page is a full page advert for the next edition of NME.

Half page: In NME the majority of half page adverts are advertisements for a specific bands album, usually a new album. They are usually two of these adverts above and below each other to form a full page though they are cases where half the page is a article with a advert below it. 

Double Page spread: They isn't a example of a double page spread in this magazine though in another magazine (Q) they is a two page spread advertising a line up for a music festival.

Multiply page advertising: In NME, they are adverts for 02 phone contracts. The adverts take different shapes and sizes over multiply pages with banners and other different types of advert filling the pages. 

Advertorials: In the NME advert they are a few advertorials, one for example is a article talking about a bands new album and their upcoming show so they is a advert explaining where to buy tickets and the album.

 Classifieds: The classifieds in the NME  magazine take two forms, the first which is commonplace in music magazines are pages where all the different bands can place their tour and show adverts. The second which is often found and can be found in the NME magazine are small adverts relating to the nature of the magazine, in the NME they are adverts for vocal coaches and


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