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Monday, 20 September 2010

My Consumption Of Music Videos

Consumption of music videos has changed a lot in the last decade.
 When music videos first kicked off you would watch a music video on channels such as MTV and on normal TV. Sometimes they might be a music video as part of a EP but that was a rarity.

The addition of the Internet and huge video sharing websites such as Youtube, has dominated how we view music videos. Now a band can easily upload their videos which can then be accessed instantly by the masses. Such as Justin Bieber's hit video "Baby" which has been viewed a staggering 440 million times.
   Aswell as the addition of digital revolution in television which has caused countless music channels to spring up spanning a wide range of genres such as Lava, Scuzz and NME.

Personally music videos are a large part of what i watch at home, usually when i switch on the TV i go to the music channels and switched between the different channels (such as NME, Bliss, Kerrang!) until i find a song i like.
        Because on music channels i don't get to choose what i see (unless i vote which costs £1 each time, and i wouldnt waste my money doing that) i usually just sit back and view the videos over the music and  try out new bands which has led to me finding out new bands which i have fallen in love with.

Though sometimes i find that a band i like has just released a new video and instead of waiting to see if it pops up on TV i often go to large video sharing websites like Youtube and find the video on their. This way is free and quick.

Another way that i consume music videos is through DVD, often with a album sale you may get a extra DVD which contains bonus features of music videos and more. Or you may buy a DVD which contains music videos. Such as i have The Offspring Complete Music Video Collection.

How other's consume Music Video's

I ran a poll of 30 people to see how they consumed music videos, the results are below presented in a Pie chart.

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