Joy Division - Disorder

THE BRIEF: A promotion package for the release of an album, to include a music promo video, together with two of the following options:
1. a cover for its release as part of a digipak (CD/DVD package);
2. a magazine advertisement for the digipak (CD/DVD package).

For the maximum viewing of all of the videos, please watch at the highest resolution available. Thank you

Director - Jonny Hughes (JH)
Cinematographer - Callum Moreman (CM)
Director of Photography/Cast Member - Joel Colborne (JC)

Tuesday, 11 January 2011

Test Footage + Feedback

As a way of promoting our idea to our class as well as us testing out our idea and seeing how well it would work on film and after editing, we produced a test footage video.
    We filmed the opening then a long sequence showing one of the key ideas we are working with during the video. We used the person we intend on using as the character, and we didn't use any set dress or costumes, and we only used one location we intend on filming at.

We edited the footage after we filmed it to give it a black and white effect (a recurring motif with Corbijn and Joy Division), we also used chroma key for one of the opening shots.

This is the video.

Plus we were lucky enough to get some detailed feedback.

We also collected some feedback from a showing in our class. The feedback we got is below.

Audience Feedback:

  • For the bedroom scene we could show have a multilayered camera effect so signify the sence of difficulty and confusion with the protaganist.

  • Ian Curtis used to have a very iconic "jigg" on stage, maybe we could replicate that in a few shots, to link/refer to his epilepsy.

  • Shots of protagnist confined within a crowd.

  • Increased amount of high angles used to signify his addictions power over him.

  • If we use fish eye lense in our actual production we could cut between fisheye and normal lense quite rapidly, increase the sense of disorientation.

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