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Director - Jonny Hughes (JH)
Cinematographer - Callum Moreman (CM)
Director of Photography/Cast Member - Joel Colborne (JC)

Thursday, 24 February 2011

Building a SnorriCam on a Micro-Budget!

A SnorriCam is a piece of equipment used during the filming process. The title itself is misleading because its saying that its a camera when really the Snorri is more of a tripod. Though even calling it a tripod is misleading.


The Snorri attaches to the actors body so when he moves the camera completely tracks him and in turn it creates a odd camera shot. The shot is often used to signify that something is amiss and because the shots main focus is on the face it can clearly show the emotions the actor is going through.

The Snorri is relatively untouched and isn't often seen in TV and film, though it has been used across a span of genres for instance in Darren Aronofsky's Requiem for a Dream 2000 which is a psychological thriller based on drug addictions, the Snorri is used during a lot of scenes with the characters under the influence of drugs. The Snorri has also been used in a more recent film Nicolas Stoller's Get Him to the Greek 2010, in this comedy film the Snorri is used in only a brief part of the film when one of characters is under the influence of drugs.

A SnorriShot
Snorri & Us

 The basis of our idea for our music video is around Drugs, and one of our ideas was to use a SnorriCam at the different locations to make he video stand out and give the same feeling that the snorri cam gives off in feature films. Unfortunatly we knew this idea was more of a dream because Snorris are expensive, priced around 800pound for industry grade. We knew that how ever much we loved media studies, 800 pounds for a potential A grade was not worth it (with our childhood incomes) and with that we dropped the idea.


One day we discovered a few help guides though, with this the dream lived once more.
The help guides guided you to create a home made snorri, usually with a harness and a changeable arm, out of wood, nails, screws and old skateboards. This seems relatively fine for us, until we discovered another flaw, we didn't have the resources and the time to build one and once again the dream died.

One day after i decided to poke around a current build for a extension  to my house i discovered some of the equipment needed and with this decided to set myself a project. Due to my great skill in woodwork i managed to fashion a rather crude looking Snorri using a hand full of nails, some screws, some wood and old strap and a bungee cord and i bought a screw which the camera will fit onto.

The Equipment

Wood Saw, scary stuff

One of the super strong joints
Me wearing the Snorri
Success. I had created a snorri cam for the group. We created some test footage which can be seen in the next blog post.

Joel using the Snorri


  1. Seems this should be titled Building a SnorriCam on a Micro-Budget!
    Excellent post, just tidy up the huge gap at the start!

  2. as the order has changed, provide a link to your other post on this
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