Joy Division - Disorder

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Director - Jonny Hughes (JH)
Cinematographer - Callum Moreman (CM)
Director of Photography/Cast Member - Joel Colborne (JC)

Monday, 7 February 2011

History of the Track

The track that we are working on "Disorder" is one of the more well known tracks by Joy Division
it wasn't a single but it was track 1 on side 1 of the LP for JD's first album Unknown Pleasures.

The track doesn't really have much history, it hasn't been featured on famous TV programs or used for high profile events, putting this aside they are a few interesting stages in its history.
The first is, like most songs they are a number of covers of the song, but even then they are by very unknown bands and out of all the big Joy Division songs this is one of least covered songs.
The song has been covered by Bedhead and Dada's Noise
Source here

Secondly the song was used as part of the soundtrack to hit 2010 game Skate 3.

Lastly the song was re recorded by the cast members of Control (see previous posts for more information) for the film. though in the clip below and the film they don't perform the song fully.

Lastly they has been a few edited versions of the songs for fun, the best being the 8-Bit version below.

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